Digital marketing for freelance linguists

Digital marketing for freelance linguists: How to showcase your expertise to grow your business
  • Plazas: 9
  • 01/10/2021
  • Horas: 2
  • Virtual
  • 17:00-19:00
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Digital marketing for freelance linguists

How to showcase your expertise to grow your business

Marketing is an essential tool to grow your businesses and communicate your unique value to clients: it can help you position yourself in the market and get the clients you want by showing commitment and professionalism in a world that often associates the word “freelancer” with “amateur”.

The internet offers numerous ways to market your translation and interpreting business effectively and at a low cost. This seminar will provide you with digital marketing concepts and tools you can leverage to establish a solid digital presence and be perceived by clients as a professional business partner, carve your niche in the market and ultimately grow your business.

ESPAÑOL: Sí, este cursillo es en inglés y se celebrará a distancia, vía Zoom. Se enviará a todas las personas inscritas (aunque no puedan asistir en el momento) una grabación de la sesión, cuyo enlace caducará a los tres meses.

ENGLISH: Yes, this workshop will be presented in English remotely via Zoom. Everyone registered —even if they are unable to attend at the moment— will receive a recording of this session, valid for three months.


Martina Eco is a coffee-fuelled, pizza-loving Italian translator based in Hove, England. She’s the owner and director of 3P Translation, a boutique agency that helps marketing agencies, market research companies and global brands conquer new markets by providing professional translation, transcreation and localisation services.

Martina supports other translators and interpreters by giving workshops, talks and webinars on marketing and business skills around Europe and online, as well as providing business and marketing consultancy. She also teaches Business Translation to MA students at London Metropolitan University.

When she’s not working, you will find her headbanging at a rock gig, or browsing through CDs and records in a charity shop.

If you want to get in touch with Martina, visit or connect on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.